Dr. Mehraz Kasim

Dr. Kasim has worked in a variety of dental clinics, including community, aged care and school dental.

Her varied experience across different clinics has allowed her to accrue a diverse experience over her career, having catered to a multitude of dental and oral needs for patients of many backgrounds and ages.

Dr. Kasim has also recently furthered her knowledge by partaking in a course in aesthetics and skin fillers. She uses these skills to provide her patients with the satisfaction they have long desired, achieving a happiness within themselves and of their appearance.

Dr. Kasim is always seeking to meet her patients’ needs with the best possible outcomes. She believes in conservative and preventative dentistry, and her goal is always working to improve and maintain the longevity of her patients’ teeth. Dr. Kasim looks forward to meeting you and providing your family with the best possible level of dental care in a friendly and relaxing environment.